Home remedies for runny nose

This is a common asymptotic health hazard in our everyday life. It happens or develops due to exposure to the cold or uneven atmosphere and caused due to viral infection.This can treat by using homeremedies for runny nose

In this type of allergic sickness, the nose shows abnormal functioning. The inside portion of the nose either gets dry or gets wet unnecessarily with frequent sneezing.

Sometimes, the cold becomes so severe that the nose starts leaking up to any extent. People might think that it has occurred since childhood. It is not exactly like that. It begins suddenly due to an external infection to the nose. 

The human nose comprises of the nostril. Inside the nostril, Mucosa is there which is a specialized layer inside the nose. This comprises the whole system of the nose. It even has hairs inside, which ultimately protects the vital organs like the chest and lungs, which also gets a little wet from inside. These inside hairs prevent something to have appeared inside through our nasal system. They wipe out all external impurities by sneezing. Sneezing is the protective reaction for allergic impurity which tries to enter inside the body. Sneezing is the natural reflexive system of the body. Whenever some impurity gets inside the nasal route, sneezing throws back to keep the system uninfected from inside.

Hyperactive Allergic Cold Symptoms

After 1 to 2 times sneezing relieves the impurities and dust particles in regular circumstances which is normal. But if it occurs continuously for 1 hour or throughout the day and the nasal system becomes hyperactive. Then this type of symptom is known as Allergic Cold. Allergic cold when affects your body is not only is painful but also might become a long-lasting type of illness.  Due to this, one also needs to go to a medical consultant. But occasionally a strong immune system removes or never accepts the allergic cold symptoms inside the body.  

The real problems with this allergic cold are massive headache, too much sneezing, and causing to the Asthma, as a prolonged illness.

If someone snizzes at around 70 to 80 times a day, seems to be an allergic cold patient. Cure of such cold issue becomes vital once it becomes very active inside our body. One can improve the immunity system to fight against this type of illness.
How to improve Immunity by simple remedies? and home remedies for runny nose

Cough and Cold depend mainly upon your Body types – Whaatdosh, Pittadosh, and Coughdosh.

By improving lifestyle and daily routine one can easily improve immunity. Following are the steps:

  1. Timely eating habits;
  2. Timely Sleeping habits;
  3. Fiber-based and only required level of food;
  4. Exercise;
  5. Incurring /consuming Mixture of Avila Powder ½ spoon + ½ spoon of Honey at bedtime.
  6. You can use 1 cup of Milk with 2 Black- Pepper seeds by boiling and incurring with empty stomach in the morning will also give a result.

These home remedies for runny nose and the above steps work on the allergic cough and cold. But in newly developed cases, this allergic cold can also be controlled by these remedies.

Dr Sushant Nagarekar

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