For losing weight Digestion is more important than diet.

How to loose weight?

For Losing weight we should not focus on diet .We should focus on digestion . Then we can loose weight easily.

Before you begin your weight loss journey, it is important to understand how your new diet will impact our body in the long run.

Lose weight naturally
You don’t have to skip meals or punish yourself; you can lose weight by simply improving digestion.

If you have ever used statements like – “I gain weight in spite of barely eating anything” or “Even breathing thin air is causing me to gain weight”, you are at the right place.

Read on.
One of the key reasons why some people stay thin despite eating a lot while some actually put on even when starving themselves is digestion.

So here in this plan –

let’s work on improving digestion for weight loss. You will be able to lose weight while improving your appetite and this only happens when your digestion is better.

Have you starved yourself only to gain more weight? 

Now what do we mean by digestion? 

It can be broken down into two parts, namely:

1)intestinal digestion (jatharagni)

Whenever we eat food first we chew it properly after that we swallow then this good enter in stomach after tha Breaking down of food in the intestine and finally made bolus .This is intestinal digestion

2)Cell level digestion (dhatwagni

What we eat, it convert into bolus of digested in intestine after that this food Absorption of nutrients in our system and give nutrition to our body .

One easy way to do this is by starting with a simple diet and gradually moving to consuming heavy foods. By following this, metabolism gradually improves and eventually, eating heavier food will not cause weight gain.

The other way is through exercise.

Exercise improves blood circulation resulting in improved digestion at the cellular level leading to better metabolism.

It is also important to eat only when hungry. Hunger is to be read differently from temptations. By following this, you can stay fit while still eating enough.

Another tip would be to eat at least four hours before sleeping.this also can improve your cell level digestion .

If you follow all these you can improve your digestion and metabolism So due to this you can loose weight and it will not increase again .

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